The Dutch Quarter

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The Dutch Quarter can be found just off Colchester High Street behind the George Inn. Lanes in the area include: Maidenburgh Street, West Stockwell Street, East Stockwell Street, Stockwell Street, St Helen’s Lane, Northgate Street and Nunn’s Road.

The area became home TO Flemish Protestant refugees fleeing religious persecution after they had been defeated in a rebellion against Catholic Spain in the 16th century.

There are many timber framed houses in the Dutch Quarter, some of which are plastered in the Essex vernacular whilst others such as Peakes House have exposed beams.

In the Dutch Quarter you will find St. Martins Church, which is opened by volunteers form the Churches Conservation Trust, the Roman Theatre,  the Greek Orthodox Church, and the home of Jane and Anne Taylor, writers of probably one of the most famous English nursery rhymes : Twinkle Twinkle. Little Star.