Town Tours

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From February through to August our guides are involved in the town tours that are run by the Colchester Visitor Information Centre. The title for these tours is “Camulodunum to Colchester”. The tours are a great way to explore Colchester’s fascinating 2,000 years of history (It’s a fact that Colchester is the oldest recorded town in Britain) .

On the tour you will:

  • Find out why there’s a castle on top of a temple
  • Stroll through Colchester’s award winning Victorian Castle Park
  • Visit the ruins of St. Botolph’s Priory, the first Augustinian Priory in the country
  • View the Roman town wall, built after Queen Boudicca had attacked the town
  • Explore the historic Dutch Quarter and hear tales of Colchester’s cloth trade
  • Hear stories about the terrible Siege of Colchester of 1648
  • Find out why there’s a much cared for tree on the top of the castle
  • Learn about that feisty lady Boudicca. The British Queen who burned Colchester to the ground in AD 60
  • Visit the Roman Theatre (our guides have very exclusive access to the key which opens the door to the theatre)
  • Plus much more……

Public tours last approximately 1½hrs, and customised tours for private groups are also available.

Book onto one of the regular tours on the Visit Colchester website, by calling 01206 282920, or emailing