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Our guides are always developing new themed tours, which explore a period of the town history in depth. Each year the Visitor Information Centre organises a programme of themed tours running throughout the summer months and into October which our guides deliver. The tours usually run on a Saturday afternoon or evening, and are often led by guides dressed in period costume.

Currently suspended due to covid, full details of tours, and booking details, will be on the VisitColchester website here once they start running again. Here are some of the themed tours from previous years to give you an example of what to expect.

Bloodcurdling Colchester
Join characters from our grim and gruesome past on a journey through the horrible history of the town.

In the Footsteps of Constable
Local Boy Done Good … discover the great landscape artist John Constable’s many connections with Colchester.

Historic Wivenhoe
A tour of this historic riverside town, starting at St Mary’s churchyard.

Churches, Chapels and Monasteries
The religious life of the town has played a huge role in shaping Colchester’s history and its townscape, and left a legacy of fascinating buildings and evocative ruins to be explored on this tour.

Love, Life and Loss: Colchester in the Great War
Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of The Somme, an opportunity to discover the impact of the 1st World War on Colchester and its people.

Criminal Colchester
Join Inspector McCabe (retired) as he investigates the illicit, illegal and downright felonious side of Colchester’s colourful past…

Glorious Georgian Colchester
Discover the period that bequeathed Colchester some of its most elegant buildings… and a world famous nursery rhyme!

Roman Colchester
Follow in the footsteps of Emperor Claudius and Queen Boudicca. Centurion Marcus Favonius Facilus explores the triumph, tragedy and everyday life of Camulodunum. Ends at Roman Circus Visitor Centre.

The Siege of Colchester
The story of the brutal Civil War Siege of Colchester in 1648

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