The Fenwick Treasure


Found underneath the Williams and Griffin store on High Street Colchester, during renovations after being bought by Fenwick’s, this exciting collection of jewelry has been dubbed ‘The Fenwick Treasure’ and ‘The Fenwick Hoard’.

The hoard includes: 2 pairs of gold earrings, 1 gold bracelet, 2 gold armlets, 5 gold finger-rings, 1 silver chain and loop, 1 copper-alloy bulla, 1 silver armlet, 2 silver cuff bracelets, 1 glass intaglio, a collection of Roman republican coins, and the remains of a silver pyxis (jewellery box). It is presumed that the hoard was buried during Boudica’s sacking of Colchester in AD 60.

The hoard is on display at Colchester Castle Museum.

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